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Tim Ferguson is an experienced retirement specialist sharing his expertise as the host of Retirement & Income Radio on WFBT, 106.7 FM. As the host of the Retirement & Income Radio show, Tim is frequently approached to speak on safe money concepts.

Over the last 16 years, Tim has had the pleasure of working with thousands of clients. They all speak highly of his integrity, humility, professional knowledge, and laid-back demeanor, which resonated with them upon meeting with him and throughout the transaction process. His tremendous love and passion are very apparent as he helps to provide all his clients with the necessary financial and insurance planning tools to ensure against any unexpected future life event. This proactive approach makes sure that existing and future generations will inherit a sense of financial stability.

Join others who have benefited in listening to Tim’s no-nonsense approach to retirement planning.

WFBT, 106.7 FM: Saturdays: 2:00 PM & Sundays: 11:00 AM.

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